How accurate is the Chinese Gender Calendar?

Every culture has their own methods to predict the gender of the baby, before the ultrasound technician confirms it at the 20 month check-up. One of them is Chinese Gender Calendar. It is based on your age when you get pregnant and the month that you get pregnant.

Please vote, whether this calendar correctly predicted the gender of your baby (or babies), we can get a picture of how accurate this predicting method is. You can only vote once a day. So if you have more than one children come back and vote for the others.

My goal is not try to prove the calendar right or wrong. I am just curious about the accuracy of the calendar.

Did Chinese Gender Calendar predicted your child's gender correctly?

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  1. Dary says

    Hello, yes I tried the chinese calendar for my second pregnancy, I had my daughter first and my husband and I wanted to go for the boy, I followed the calendar to the T, and also tracked my ovulation days and boom! here’s the boy. It did worked for me.

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