Bus Costume for Children

Everyone was asking me what my son is going to wear for Halloween. Since he is so little, he does not understand Halloween very well anyway. I was thinking of a cute animal costume so that we can take pictures. Ana, our nanny, suggested that we get him something that reflects his personality. She was right, my son was going to wear it.

My son is in love with cars and buses. Anything that is on wheels is more important for him than food even his mom and dad. Especially buses attract him like a magnet.  I decided to make a bus driver costume. I had saved lots of cardboard boxes, lids and plastic bottle caps. Except for the headlights, I have created an eco-friendly bus.

What you need:

  • 1 cardboard box (diaper box)
  • 4 baby formula can lids
  • 4 mid size nails
  • Lots of construction paper
  • 2 side mirrors
  • 3-4 paper plates
  • 1 paperclip
  • Glue
  • Colorful tapes
  • Sparkling glitter pens
  • 1 marker
  • Eraser or foam
  • Cardboard cutter, scissors, pliers and needle pliers.

How to make it:

  1. First decide and plan whatever it is you would like to make. My son loves CTA busses so that’s what I decided to do.
  2. Cut off the top and bottom part of the box, you might use these pieces later on to strengthen the structure.
  3. Use the construction paper of different colors to cover whatever it is that you are making, a car, a bus, a truck, etc…
  4. Glue the mirrors to the front to make headlights; the ones I bought had  adhesive backs.
  5. Mark the points where you will attach the tires, measure it on both sides to make sure they are centered and accurate.  Cut round balls out of the foam or the eraser in the size of a chickpea and stick it in the point where you marked. Hold the needle with the pliers, and twists the back of it. Stick this part in to the cardboard. Put glue on it and wait till it dries out. You can also wait till the bus is complete before you put glue on. The purpose of this process to ensure the nails do not hurt your child.
  6. Put two disposable foam plates together and make holes out of it not bigger than a water glass. Then glue the inner ends of the plate and glue it in away where the inner sides face each other. Cover the outer part with tape. Fill in the inside part of the foam tire with more foam to make sure it is sturdy. Then cover it completely with colored tape and create a driving wheel. In the middle, put tape in the shape of a plus sign so it will look like a true wheel.
  7. Pick up another foam plate and cut pieces in the shape of the hands of clock. Glue three or four pieces to each other. Cover it with tape. Get a paper clip, take it through the middle of the plus sign which is in the middle of the wheel. Then attach this to the thicker part resembling hand of the clock.  Make sure the plus sign is stable but that the pieces you cut resembling hands of the clock is movable. Glue the wheel to the box.
  8. Glue the 4 parts you have initially cut out into the inside corners of the box.

Technically the bus is ready.

You can print out family pictures, glue it on to the windows of the bus as passengers. Don’t forget the details such as logo, license plate etc.  You can staple elastic waistband to the sides and hang it over the shoulders. My son unfortunately does not want to get inside the box, instead he pushes it. This is a missed opportunity for a great picture but it is not a big deal otherwise. During cold winter days, you can stay in and work together on such projects with your older children.

Note: Because I was at the peak of masochism and got drowned in the details, it took me 4 1/2 hours to finish this project including the tires, wheel, etc. You can draw the other details such as the windows with crayons which will make everything easier for you. Because we are using sharp objects in this project, it is best to do it when your younger children are asleep.

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