5 minutes for mom

I have been working out for weeks. I increased my running time. I was working out with DVDs when I had to stay at home. Now, I am sucked back into the black hole called “I cannot find time to workout” and I am waiting for someone to pick me up and show me the light at the end of the tunnel. Neither my son’s needs end, nor the house chores. I do not have even 5 minutes to spare for myself.

Well, I have time to write this post to my blog. So?

Where can I find that 5 minutes for myself. Only 5 minutes.

Eventually, I decided to stretch and move for 5 minutes, before sitting down in front of my laptop. I also used the stairs in the apartment instead of the elevator.

I don’t have time to go to the gym. I don’t have time to go out to run. I don’t even have half an hour to push play in the house. But I started with 5 minutes today. Maybe tomorrow, I will find 10, later 15 minutes. This is just a start. Maybe I will do a whole Pilates routine by the end of the week. And next week, I might go out to jog by the lake.

It is always the smallest excuse to sabotage my workout routine and then I cannot motivate myself to get back to it. It is really hard to break my lazy vicious circle and find that 5 minutes.

Then once I am back at it. It becomes easier. I become more energetic.

The secret is to find that initial 5 minutes. It is snowball effect after that.

I am very happy with myself today. I spared that 5 minutes for me.

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