Frozen Vegetable and Fruit Cubes for Babies

baby vegetable cubesDisclosureThe practice of freezing food cubes is from the book called Super Baby Foods. When your baby starts eating solid foods, if you don’t have time to prepare fresh veggies and purees every single day, with this method, you can prepare batches of vegetables and fruits all at once, freeze it and thaw it out as you need it.  This way you can have two weeks supply at one step.


  1. Buy 2-3 lbs of the veggies you feed your baby with.
  2. Peel the veggies that need to be peeled. Don’t peel the potatoes but wash them thoroughly.
  3. I prefer steaming the veggies with pressure cooker.  Fill the bottom of the pressure  cooker with some water and then place the steam rack inside the pot. Place the veggies in the rack and cook them by referring to the instructions for the length of steaming.
  4. After steaming the veggies, puree them. You can watch how to peel the potatoes without burning your hands in this post.
  5. Fill the ice cube trays with this puree and cover it firmly with cellophane.  Place it in the freezer and wait till it freezes.
  6. After they are frozen, take the cubes out of the trays. Put them inside ziplocs and make sure to write the content of the bag as well as the date.  When closing the ziplocs, make sure to take the air out for freshness.
  7. Later, when you need, take it out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator to thaw or heat it in the microwave and feed your baby. Veggie puree is ready in 5 minutes. After taking it out of the microwave, stir thoroughly to make sure there isn’t a hot spot left so you don’t burn your baby’s tongue.

You can also puree things like bananas and avocados.  If you have a glass grater, it is easy to puree fruits like apples and pears just before meals.  You can also freeze sliced or cubed fruits.  Some vegetables might lose its water content during this process. (Zucchini,  potatoes,  etc.) You can mix these types of veggies with veggies with some water, veggie broth or chicken stock.  I choose one green, one yellow and one red vegetable when making vegetable blends. As my baby grew up, I added butter, veggie broth, chicken stock and meat puree.

You can find further information and learn about the details in the book called Super Baby Foods. It is a book I recommend all moms preparing to start their baby with solid foods.

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Frozen vegetable cubes for babies

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