Record your own Lullaby CD for your baby

HowtorecordyourownlullabyCDpinBefore my son started falling asleep by himself, I used to shush and sing lullabies to calm him down and help transition to sleep for longer periods of time. Sometimes it would take him such a long time to wind down and fall asleep that I started to develop wrinkles around my lips from shushing for more than half an hour. As a solution, I decided to record my own soothing sounds and lullabies CD.

This task is pretty easy if you have a PC at home. I am pretty sure it is possible with Mac but I have a PC and I will write how to do it in a PC.

How to record your own Soothing Sounds and Lullaby CD.

  1. Plan your tracks: soothing sounds such as shushing, humming, hair dryer, shower water and lullabies.
  2. Plug a microphone to your PC or laptop.
  3. Go to Programs>Accessories>Entertainment>Sound Recorder
  4. Record each of your track. The recording time in Sound Recorder is limited but it will be enough, since you can use repeat play.
  5. Click on red circle (record), sing, click on stop when finished and click on “save as” to save your tracks as .wav files in a folder.
  6. Listen to your tracks for quality. You might be terrified when you first hear your own voice, singing. Don’t worry about it that much. As long as it’s good quality, it’s your voice that matters to you baby.
  7. You can adjust length and quality from the “save as” screen if needed.
  8. Burn these .wav files using a CD burn program, that can convert them to playable music files. Or if you are using mp3 player or iPod, first convert them to mp3’s, then transfer them to your media player.

Your very first music record of soothing sounds and lullabies is ready.

Put your baby to bed or crib. Start singing to him/her. Then as your baby is falling asleep, push repeat play and you are free to roam around the house.

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