Baby’s Sleep Music

After I recorded my own lullaby and soothing sounds album, I setup a CD/mp3 player and mini speaker system by my son’s crib.  I used music to help him fall asleep and keep asleep. I used my old portable CD player and ancient mini PC speakers. Now there are many products that play CD and iPod with built in speakers and even attach to the crib.

Few notes on this system:

  • Use the player with a power adapter instead of batteries, because the batteries always die when you are about to put your baby asleep. Never fails.
  • Keep the speakers away from the baby monitor. Otherwise, you’ll listen to loud baby music and lullabies.
  • Cover any visible lights on the player or speaker with dark tape such as colored electric tape. Tiny red lights distract the baby in the dark.
  • Keep the while setup away from your baby’s reach. That’s obvious, but I wanted to add here, just in case.
  • Set the volume to a level where it’s high enough to attract baby’s attention but low enough so that it’ll not prevent him from falling asleep.
  • Arrange the CD’s you play, so that you can easily pick them. Make sure they don’t fall down or scratch easily.

Baby Sleep Music CD’s I and my son liked:


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