Motherhood by the book

I read one too many books during my pregnancy and the first months after my baby was born. I’ve decided to apply all the rules and lessons I’ve learned but real life taught me otherwise. Here is what I’ve read and what I say now based on my actual experience:

1. I read that: When a baby is born (s)he should be given only breast milk or the bottle may cause “nipple confusion”.
I say: If the baby is having problems gaining weight and doctor recommends additional formula, we give baby the bottle.

2. I read that: You shouldn’t swing the baby to sleep.
I say: The first three months all the ways to a good night’s sleep are justified.

3. I read that: You shouldn’t let the baby fall asleep on the breast or with the bottle.
I say: Let the baby sleep, wherever (s)he sleeps, whether on the breast, or bottle, or swinging …

4. I’ve heard: You shouldn’t respond to baby’s every coo bo hoo; and carry him/her in your arms, otherwise (s)he will get used to it and get spoiled.
I say: There’s no such thing as spoiling a baby being carried around a lot. We will give as many hugs and kisses as possible and even carry them around (wear them). As they get older it gets harder to keep them wrapped in your arms and have a kiss anyway.

5. I read that: We need to stop the night feedings, after 6-7 months of age.
I say: We feed the baby, whenever the baby is hungry. (Though I believe, it shouldn’t be too frequent after 6-9 months)

6. I read that: The first teeth cuts around 6-7 months.
I say: It is possible that the first teeth waits until 11 – 12 months.

7. I read that: You should never ever let a child under 2 years watch TV.
I say: In case of emergencies, brief periods of child appropriate TV is always a life saver.

8. I read that: We shouldn’t give bottle to the child after 1 years of age.
I say: If the baby only drinks from breast or bottle and refuses glass or sippy cup, you keep on giving bottle.

9. I’ve heard: Children can be potty trained before they are 1.
I say: You can’t force potty train a kid, if he’s not ready for it.
(Edit: You learn even more with new children. I potty trained my daughter at an early age with EC).

10. I thought: Based on my knowledge of basic biology, if majority in the family are blonde, I should expect blonde children looking like me.
I had said: You children may not take after you at all.

11. I thought: I would breastfeed my child forever.
I’ve experienced: My breast milk decreased way before I was ready.

12. I thought: I do not need anybody. I can take care of my child and everything else by myself.
I say: If it were not for my mom, I wouldn’t make it to 2 months. Even if I did, I wouldn’t be my normal self.

13. I’ve heard: In the old times, they didn’t have all these conveniences. Thus motherhood was much harder.
I say: Motherhood is still difficult.

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