Exciting Beginnings

I was told “children turn parents’ lives upside down” when I was pregnant. It was a completely different story before that, but the moment you announce you are pregnant, everyone starts to advise you to “enjoy these last quiet moments”. Being obnoxiously positive-minded, I never took this in a pessimistic way. Life changes, love grows and intensifies and responsibilities increase. Especially the responsibility of raising another human being as a healthy, happy and good person is immense. This is a very different path than the path you travel before kids and you learn so many new and good things.

When establishing this blog, I first planned to share tips and tricks that might make the lives of “working mothers” a little bit easier and help them save on time which is very valuable when you have kids. Then I thought to myself why do I limit only “working mothers” (i.e. working-a-paid-job or self-employed mothers). Because I’ve experienced first hand what being a stay-at-home mom is like, both ways require as much diligence.

I dedicate this blog to all the mothers (and grandmothers) whose main purpose in life to keep being happy and sane while keeping all the different hats she’s wearing (mom, wife, employee, business owner, sister, daughter, aunt, friend etc.) on in a 24-hr day. I love to share my blog with fathers and grandfathers as well.

I have to admit I didn’t have to discover the new World all over again. As much as I insist that I know better because I read it somewhere, I came to accept that my mom knows best. She is my guiding light, if not with her advice but with the way she raised me. She is a role model for working moms. She is a pharmacist, a gourmet chef, caterer, teacher, cleaning guru and a magician.

Without further due, enjoy my blog and my journey!

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